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Learn Something: Eudaimonia

I discovered the word “eudaimonia” in the book Deep Work by Cal Newport.

A state in which you are achieving your full human potential.

Deep Work – Cal Newport

I love this. It takes discipline, focus, and effort to fully utilize your gifts, whether obtained genetically or through training and development. Finding this “deep work” state is critical for accomplishing your best work.

As a self-proclaimed generalist, I have struggled with finding this state over the years. I recently found some techniques that have helped. I will cover those in some future posts, so be sure to subscribe to updates!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines eudimonia as:

Aristotelianism : a life of activity governed by reason

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I have also seen philosophy websites define it as “fulfillment.”

The Ancient Greeks resolutely did not believe that the purpose of life was to be happy; they proposed that it was to achieve Eudaimonia, a word which has been best translated as ‘fulfilment’.

A Better Word Than Happiness: Eudaimonia – The Book of Life

Living a full life does not mean perpetual happiness. To me, it means sacrifice, shared experiences, energy, frivolity, fun, work, adventure, exploration, love, and learning. It’s about a connection to the earth, our universe, and other beings.

This Drifter Life project is an effort in finding my eudaimonia.

I hope you achieve eudaimonia frequently in your lifetime.

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Jamie Larson