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New Music: Black Violin

I came across this group when I found Jam in the Van. They are incredible, and their music is beautiful and inspiring.

From “Dreamer”:

This is the day when I finish the race
I make it somehow, no matter how long it takes
This is the day when I go all the way
I make it my own and say
Here’s to the dreamers
Cheers to the dreamers
Here’s to the dreamers
Where’s our believers?
Yes, I’m a dreamer

From “Impossible is Possible”:

There’s a moment when you understand
You don’t gotta follow all their plans
It’s time to open up your hands
Don’t leave it up to chance
We can do anything
We’ll shine like the sun, the moon, the stars
We can go anywhere
They’ll see us no matter where we are
Cause we got the fire
We got the fire
Show the world the impossible is possible

I recommend checking out their live set from Jam in the Van:

It’s up to us, y’all. Be strong. Take risks. Stand up for what is right.

Peace and love.

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Jamie Larson