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This Week in Drifting – 001

I used to write a series called This Week in Browsing. I've decided to blend that into a weekly or semi-weekly post about my adventures and experiences. This will be a recap of what I'm learning, reading, watching, and listening to, among other things. Hope you enjoy!

Trying out a new dual format here - a bit of an audio recap on my new podcasting gear, and some writing about my week in drifting around in the universe, on the internet, and in my head.

TWiD April 30 2023

What I'm Experiencing

It's been lovely to play with the Austin Blacks Rugby Club this season as part of my Austin adventure. I've played with both the D2 and D3 teams. Unfortunately, the D2 team lost in the state final on Sunday. While I did not get to play, I am heading to Orlando to hopefully play with the D3 team next weekend. Regardless of playing time, it's been a great experience playing with these gents, and I'm thankful that I can still lace 'em up and have a run.

What I'm Learning

  • I learn every week from the Major League Rugby AR West is Best group. We watch clips and ask questions and I am a better referee for it.
  • I continue to learn more about the Texas Legislature and it's messiness, inefficiency, and harmful ways. There are also some good things, like the passing of HB 300 to remove sales tax on feminine hygiene products, diapers, baby wipes and bottles.
  • I've also learned that printing technology has not improved much in the past decade. We typically print over 1000 pages per day for floor reports, and there's almost always an issue (we won't go into the massive issue I have with how horrible our process is for the environment).

What I'm Reading

Jason Early had a great newsletter about reading multiple books at once and not feeling weird about it.

"Start reading 3–4 books at the same time and rotate them depending on the day or the mood you're in."

I do the same thing. My current list:

What I'm Listening To

  • The National dropped a new album. It's very good, as expected.
  • I found this Chaos album by René Aubry when I was listening to an instrumental mix. It's lovely.
  • Find Your People is another amazing song from Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

What I'm Watching

  • Extrapolations on AppleTV+ was well-cast and made me think. Similar to Don't Look Up, it also made me think we're pretty well doomed.

I hope you all have a lovely first week of May.


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