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The Black Pumas – New Music Friday #003

I cannot recall when I first discovered The Black Pumas. But I remember that I was immediately hooked. They are excellent song writers and play a wonderfully unique funky soul. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

From "Colors":
It's a good day (To be)
A good day for me (A good day for me)
A good day to see (A good day to see)
My favorite colors, colors
My sisters and my brothers (My sisters and my brothers)
They see 'em like no other (See 'em like no other)
All my favorite colors

Black Pumas are the answer to the exciting question of what it would sound like if Sam Cooke or Neil Young joined the Wu-Tang Clan.Damien Morris – Ones to Watch, The Guardian

Happy listening!

**Updated (12-21-2019) – they were just nominated for a Grammy. Awesome!

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