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Michael Franti – New Music Friday #004

I have been a huge fan of Michael Franti & Spearhead ever since I saw the flash mob scene to “Say Hey” in “Weeds” way back in 2009. My daughter and I listened to that song on the way to school for years after. It’s on my celebration of life playlist.

“Say Hey” flash mob scene from “Weeds”
Watch the full "Say Hey" Music Video

I recently picked up his “Stay Human, Volume II” album at Cactus Music. The lyrics from “The Flower”, especially in times like these, stand out. I love Michael’s ability to write for right now and his focus on love and kindness.

Cause we could be the healin'
When you're feeling all alone
We could be the reason
To find the strength to carry on
In a world that's so divided
We shall overcome
We could be the healing
We can be the flower in the gun

Live well. Be kind. Stay strong. Dance more!

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Jamie Larson